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My Photography Story

August 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Everyone has a unique story that makes them the person that they've become. Here is mine.

When I was a teen, I lost both of my parents one after the other very suddenly due to illness. About a year after my mother passed away, A friend invited me to go to her church's youth group. After a couple of years of trying to find my place within the church, I began going to a church that was a lot closer to my home that was much larger and had a growing media department. I've always been interested in multimedia and I joined the team and helped them develop the program into an online based ministry with bi-weekly live church services streamed over the internet as well as a catalog of prior messages and services. There came a time when I decided that I wanted to go to college to pursue a career in broadcasting. I began attending Niagara College with an introductory "Pre-Media & Design" program. In this program was a photography course. I had played around with photography before this, mostly just for fun. Upon graduating from this program, I decided that I wanted to become a photographer and create portraits. I've always been inspired by portraits. The Afghan Girl from National Geographic is one of my personal favourites. I purchased my first camera, tripod and lens with some OSAP money and started photographing my friends. As my love for portraiture developed, it became my passion.

For the first several years, I would photograph anything that came my way. Weddings, events, concerts, and landscapes were all in the portfolio and it became quite diverse but I knew that portraits is what I just loved to do.




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